Hi Martin,

On Tue, Dec 07, 2010 at 07:40:31PM +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> On 12/07/2010 03:39 AM, Roman Joost wrote:
> It seems a bit too risky to push every build to wilber, at least in the 
> beginning.
That's fine. Perhaps I could ask my employer to sponsor a bit of server
space and run another buildbot which updates the HTML documents on
wilber by an scp.

> Assuming we don't do that for now, is the important thing for you just 
> to see if the build completes without errors?

> Just double-checking. If that is the case, I'll set up a buildbot
> doing the steps above. I can't promise to do it immediately though.
Take your time!

Thanks a lot for this!
Roman Joost
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