I took a stab at explaining what I'm doing in the IRC channel, but I think I 
did a poor job, so here goes nothing. In short, I am working with a University 
lab in making an adaptation of Gimp. While most of our code does not interact 
with Gimp directly, we do make need to activate tools/actions at particular 

Currently I am running into a problem. We use GimpContext.set_tool(ToolInfo) to 
set the currently active tool. In our interface this is always called by a 
button in the toolbox. While this works for most tools and actions, some 
specific tools have issues. For example, trying to active Hue/Saturation from 
the toolbox requires that an image be selected before the Hue/Saturation window 
appears. My understanding is that this is because the tool is set for that 
window's context, and does not actually execute until the window has focus 
again (though I could be completely wrong on this).

I was hoping someone here with an understanding of the tools architecture could 
explain to me whether or not I am right, and whether or not the approach I am 
considering - determining the last active window and giving it focus before 
activating tools - is in spirit with the existing engine, or if there is a 
better solution. The stroke selection tool does not seem to have the same 
limitation as the Hue/Saturation tool, which leads me to believe there may be a 
better option.

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