Hi, all.
I'm recently implementing a GUI features that is inspired by the ideas
of the GIMP UI brainstorming.
I hope these features to be included or merged into the master branch
in some future.
So I inform you the patch here.
If you're interested in the patch, please discuss about it.

The patch is maintained by git, and published at following site.

This patch implement several features like:
* horizontal toolbar with many tool options.
  (http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com/2009/07/blog-post.html or
* much sophisticated brush panel
* dynamics editor with side tabs
* vertical dock and image tabs for single window mode.
* dock folding features. I think this feature is necessary for single
window mode.

and some of the brush enhancement options which idea is imported from
GIMP-painter- patch:
* line smoothing (currently called G-Pen patch.)
* color blending features and brush dynamics transformations for
smudge tools (very resembles for Mixbrush patch.)

You can see the screenshot at following site.

This patch is based on the current master branch of the
It modified many source code of the existing codes, but it does not
delete any features that is available in the master branch.

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