On Wednesday, February 02, 2011 01:28:04 Bogdan Szczurek wrote:
> > This pointless discussion got a lot more of attention.
> Pointless it is if it doesn't bring any changes but that can be said
> only after it's over. Right now I can see that there's at least a will
> to at least make things clearer about the subject in documentation.

Well, on developer side there seems to be a consensus forming that this ps-
menurc file should and will be removed from git and I personally agree. such 
enhancements should be maintained outside gimp. So most likely, once this is 
over you are furher away from what you came here for than before.  

If you are interested in such enhacncements, you may want to offer&maintain a 
tool that creates for the user that runs it a PS-ified profile. it would be 
relatively easy to make. 

-- Alexia
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