Alexia Death wrote:

> Well, on developer side there seems to be a consensus forming that  
> this ps-
> menurc file should and will be removed from git and I personally  
> agree. such
> enhancements should be maintained outside gimp. So most likely, once  
> this is
> over you are furher away from what you came here for than before.

right, and I do not only think it is the right move (for GIMP to
signal "here is a free as in beer ps copy" is exactly against the
vision that GIMP is not a ps clone), I also initiated it.

let me clarify that author/contributor Alexandre Prokoudine wholly
agrees with the removal.

now if nobody is faster than me, I will do this remove as my first
act as resource maintainer.

The docs will have to be updated to reflect this. what is the best
procedure to set this in motion?


         founder + principal interaction architect
             man + machine interface works
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