> And all this conversation is because you think CTRL+Backspace makes
> more sense than CTRL+. (because you're used to that combination) and
> you don't want to take 30 seconds of your time to personalize the
> accelerators?
> Seriously?

If think so then I'm afraid that you didn't read my posts carefully or
misinterpreted them.

Yes, I'm used to some combinations and I fail to see the reason why
should I change my customs. I doubt the new ones would improve my speed
or any other quality. I sure can replace default shortcut set with
the other quite easily but not everyone would if it had to be done by
seeking the right file and placing another in its stead. My poll is
tiny (2 persons beside myself) but at least it is real. So 3 graphic
developers says: we'd like to have it, how about you? That's all. Not
we demand, we require, but we'd like to. I've stated the reasoning
behind my suggestion a couple of times and right now I can't think of
other arguments “for”.

> GIMP accelerators are customizable using a visible option from the
> Edit menu, and you can even choose to assign accelerators dinamically
> from the preferences.
> The menurc file in the prefs folder has the list of accelerators. You
> could create a custom version with the combinations you want (or
> google for it, just to find that someone already did it).

That's true, but also it is _not_ the point of the whole conversation to
state it.

> A couple of days ago a voluntary coder (with an impressive CV) arrived
> to this list offering his help and he only got a couple of replies.

My proposition, if applauded, could give him one thing to help at. But
even if not, I feel that threads that state the problem and propose a
way of solving it are great sources of tasks for anybody who's willing
to do some work. Surely one would see that if only considered things

> This pointless discussion got a lot more of attention.

Pointless it is if it doesn't bring any changes but that can be said
only after it's over. Right now I can see that there's at least a will
to at least make things clearer about the subject in documentation.

Best regards!

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