On 02/07/2011 01:33 PM, Patrick Horgan wrote:
> On 02/06/2011 10:52 PM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> On 02/07/2011 04:48 AM, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>>> I'm trying to come up to speed on gegl and built the hello-world.c
>>> example from the examples directory.  The text from that example doesn't
>>> show up on the output, although the mandelbrot zoom works wonderfully.
>>> Is there anything I can do to figure it out?  Can someone point me
>>> toward something to read to understand where things are going on?
>> One thing you can do is to run with the env var GEGL_DEBUG set to
>> "process". That will give some output on how things are processed in the
>> graph. Does the output for the text node look weird?
>>     / Martin
> btw, forgot to say this is on Ubuntu using gegl and babl from git trunk
> and gcc 4.6
> Could it be where it says:
> Using cache for pad 'output' on "gegl:text 0x9017e90"

Yes maybe, caches don't always work like they should. If you disable 
that code, does it become better? You can also set a breakpoint in 
process() for text and see that the thread of execution looks reasonable 
when you single-step through the code.

  / Martin


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