Lately I've been discussing with a collegue of mine some differences
between Gimp and Photoshop and how long-time Ps user feel when seated
in front of Gimp. I know… I know… the neverending subject, but I'm not
trying to start the flame again, so… please keep your matches and petrol
away ;) — I'm geuinely interested what you think.

The thing is, that we concluded that permamenet transition or even
occasional use of Gimp would be much more appealing for Ps-bred guys
(like me ;)) if one would have possibility to use the same (or at least
much similar) keyboard shortcuts. I know—there are a couple of ready
“configs” to be placed in Gimp's config dirs, but that's the
part of the problem. There's significant number of people among
graphic designers for whom navigating somewhere in directory structure
to change this or that file would be too much to ask. I'm saying that
NOT to laugh at them—they're skilled and tallented designers I'm
sure, but let's face the fact.

So, how about a small extension to GUI to let one choose one of
predefined shortcut sets and including “Photoshop compatible” shortcuts
to the source tree? I know many people would be much pleased
with that, since a seasoned Ps user tend to rather “just poke the right
key” to do his bidding that to wander through the menu. I'm not trying
to prove one shortcut scheme better than the other.

Now seriously… what do you think?



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