On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 7:23 PM, Kevin Cozens <ke...@ve3syb.ca> wrote:
> LightningIsMyName wrote:
>> said on IRC that she can't point a domain at that adress so we really
>> should get wiki.gimp.org running or pay for some web server with the
>> GIMP funds.
> We can discuss this more at todays meeting. I would like to know what the
> problem is with having wiki.gimp.org. GIMP has its own website so adding a
> wiki to it should be no problem. Is it a lack of diskspace, lack of someone
> to set it up, or lack of someone who keep an eye on the wiki and maintain it?

Wiki needs an admin that cares, a database and php installed on the
server. AFAIK there is no gimp host that meets all those requirements,
specially the admin part. Quite aside technical issues that are
usually solvable by an install command, there are certain risks to be

I wouldn't put in the same machine as any part of the main gimp site.
Any dynamic site is vulnerable to exploits and hacks. Compromising
such a trivial side thing like the wiki should in no way threaten the
operation of any of the main sites and integrity of a heavily used and
trusted host like gimp.org that could be used to spread malware far
and wide.

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