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> LightningIsMyName wrote:
>> *** Optional topic: Re-Discussing GIMP's programming language ***
>> Some developers that weren't present in the last meeting, highly
>> disagree on the attempt to introduce vala into gimp, claiming that it
>> will scare off developers (more than the "simple" C GObject code).
> Before talking about which new programming language is needed(?) in GIMP we
> should make sure the problem is clearly defined as to *why* we need
> something new. What problem is the new language going to solve?
> IIRC, it had something to do with creation of GUI stuff (such as dialog
> boxes?). If that is the case, the language should be irrelavant. There are
> other tools that can be used to more easily make a GUI. One that comes to
> mind is a tool like Glade that can generate a file that can be used with
> with a library (GtkBuilder?) to show the contents of the file.
> I may be completely off base here because I haven't heard a clear definition
> of the problem.

The problem with using C for everything is that we have to spend time
on managing boilerplate GObject C code, like manually initialize
vtables for example. We could spend this time doing things that
benefits our users instead.

When I get time, I will port GimpTag to Vala so we can see how the
introduction of Vala affects our codebase, autotools etc. If we bump
into a lot of problems, we can drop the idea of using Vala in GIMP,
but if it turns out we can become more productive by using Vala, we
should start using Vala more.

 / Martin


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