I added a proposed patch to fix Bug 596410 to the bug report a while 
ago. Do I need to look at that again?


On 04/03/2011 03:49 PM, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have created a schedule for GIMP 2.8 and put it here:
> http://tasktaste.com/projects/Enselic/gimp-2-8
> Please review the list of tasks and let me know if there are other
> things than those listed there that you know we need to do before we can
> release 2.8. In that case I will add those tasks to the schedule.
> Ideally, all commits pushed to git master should be related to one of
> the tasks listed there. Being able to make a reasonable estimate for
> when we can make a GIMP 2.8 release is good for many reasons; one of
> them is that we need to know when we should enter a string freeze.
> If no tasks are added and if my estimates are correct, we will release
> GIMP 2.8 on 2011-10-20.
> As we all know however, making estimates is hard and 2011-10-20 will not
> be our release date, but it is the best estimate we have right now. The
> nice thing with having our schedule on tasktaste.com is that anyone
> interested in when GIMP 2.8 will be released just needs to visit that
> web page linked to above to get an overview of how GIMP 2.8 development
> is progressing and get an updated estimate for when we can make a GIMP
> 2.8 release.
> As a side note, I have developed tasktaste.com from scratch during the
> last few months and the source code is available under the Apache
> Licence 2.0: https://github.com/Enselic/task-taste
>    / Martin
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