Hi all,

I have created a schedule for GIMP 2.8 and put it here:

Please review the list of tasks and let me know if there are other 
things than those listed there that you know we need to do before we can 
release 2.8. In that case I will add those tasks to the schedule.

Ideally, all commits pushed to git master should be related to one of 
the tasks listed there. Being able to make a reasonable estimate for 
when we can make a GIMP 2.8 release is good for many reasons; one of 
them is that we need to know when we should enter a string freeze.

If no tasks are added and if my estimates are correct, we will release 
GIMP 2.8 on 2011-10-20.

As we all know however, making estimates is hard and 2011-10-20 will not 
be our release date, but it is the best estimate we have right now. The 
nice thing with having our schedule on tasktaste.com is that anyone 
interested in when GIMP 2.8 will be released just needs to visit that 
web page linked to above to get an overview of how GIMP 2.8 development 
is progressing and get an updated estimate for when we can make a GIMP 
2.8 release.

As a side note, I have developed tasktaste.com from scratch during the 
last few months and the source code is available under the Apache 
Licence 2.0: https://github.com/Enselic/task-taste

  / Martin


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