2011/5/3 Simon Budig <si...@budig.de>:
> Martin Nordholts (ense...@gmail.com) wrote:
>> I'm trying hard to find time hacking on GIMP, and not having to waste
>> time on GObject C boiler plate means a lot to me. At first I was
>> thinking "what the hell, I'll just come up with the the damn
>> boilerplate code manually then". But right after I began doing that I
>> started to feel like I was wasting my time, and I can't stand that
>> feeling.
> Hm. This paragraphs leaves me a bit perplexed, because it gives the
> impression that the most important thing about including vala is to make
> you more comfortable with our codebase. You blame mitch for a blunt
> dismissal, but this reads a lot like bluntly forcing down something
> through mitchs throat. Not sure if that is any better.

You are right, that isn't any better. I should just give up on these
patches, I clearly don't have the support for them I hoped for.

Obviously, in my opinion we increase the quality of our codebase by
using Vala for this helper class mostly because the number of readable
and documented version controlled lines of code is less than if we
would also version control the GObject C boiler plate. That is not the
only measurement of code quality however and we are simply weighting
the pros and cons differently.

 / Martin


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