2011/5/2 Enrico Schröder <enni.schroe...@gmail.com>:
> Also, since I'm using a Mac and tried to not having to use a virtual
> machine, I built git-gimp natively on osx (without X11) and with a patch
> that moves the menubar from the main window to the top of the screen
> (like other mac apps). It really was a horrible experience (took me a
> whole day),

It would be nice, if you can document the steps to compile Gimp for
MacOS in the Wiki:

> so I thought it would be nice to have a precompiled
> app-bundle. As far as I know, there are no official mac binaries, right?

Right, the gimp team doesn't provide any binary builds. Not for MacOS,
Windows or Linux. But there are Distribution like the one from Gimp
for OS X:

> The only ones I found where using X11, which isn't very good. I could
> try to provide osx binaries of the current 2.7.2 and then 2.8 including
> patches for the menu bar and a nice theme.

That would be cool. Perhaps you can work together with Simone from
"Gimp for OS X".

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