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> Dear GIMP developer team,
> My name is Arnon Namsanit. I am a Thailand government officer working
> for the Ministry of Science and Technology. My team's main
> responsibility is introducing the open source software to Thais
> including GIMP. At the moment we are interested in introducing GIMP to
> a group of users in publisher manufacturing therefore we have been
> discussing about CMYK on GIMP. I might need to ask you some questions
> please.
> - Is there any people currently working on CMYK on GIMP?

No, there are higher priorities at the moment
Please use http://wiki.gimp.org/index.php/GIMP_Roadmap for reference.

> - If yes, How? Can we join them?
> - If no, Could we know the complexities or the problems of that please?

The No.1 priority past release 2.8 is to clean-up the library (see
above) and move to high bit depth, that is, continue integration of
GEGL. Only then it will make sense to do anything about CMYK, because
8bit based conversions between color spaces introduce too many errors
(not speaking about having to rewrite things). The outlined proposal
is here:


There are fairly reasonable workarounds. One of them was proposed here:


Alexandre Prokoudine
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