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> On  3 Oct, David Odin wrote:
> > With the latest patch of David Monniaux, I've decided to try to
> > compile the latest gimp-cvs without the --disable-nls option. But then
> > the compilation stops with some unreference to __dcgettext.
>  That's either a wrong include file in your search path or a faulty 
>  libintl.a/libc.so.6...
  Hm. Sorry, the compilation works OK. These messages show up during the
linking phase. So maybe it's a faulty libintl.a...

> > So I've tried to use ./configure --with-included-gettext. Then gimp
> > compile and work OK with LANG=C, but if I set LANG=fr_FR, all texts
> > are blank, i.e. nothing is shown, as if all the translated texts were
> > "".
>  If the messages were "" then the original texts would have been used,
>  so that's not the problem. Try setting LC_ALL to fr_FR.... 
  No changes with: export LC_ALL=fr_FR :(

I've done some further investigations. Here are my results:

During the splash screen, the title is translated OK:
"Lancement de Gimp"
but nothing is printed above the progressbar and many plug-ins crach during
this time (I have to press 'E' at the console several time in order to actually
pass the initialisation phase).

Once I managed to have the main ToolBox shows but all the menu entries are
blank (only the shortcut shows up).

The 'tips-of-the-day' dialog doesn't show the tip and all its button are blank.
Its title is correctly translated though: "Conseil du jour GIMP".

The tooltips are correctly translated too.

It looks like every button, label and menu-entries are blank, where other part
of the interface (windows' titles, tool-tips, GtkFrame) are correctly

      Strange, isn't it?

      Any suggestions?




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