On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, David Odin wrote:

> It looks like every button, label and menu-entries are blank, where other part
> of the interface (windows' titles, tool-tips, GtkFrame) are correctly
> translated.

Some similar behaviour happened to me when starting Gimp with a hacked
ISO-8859-15 French locale. Some entries would display as blank, not
others. I couldn't make out some regular pattern out of it.

This sounds very fishy. Ah, by the way, support for ISO-8859-15 is likely
to become a "must do" in the following years; in 2002 the legal currency
of most countries of Western Europe will be the Euro, and we'll need to
support the standard encodings containing it.
[Of course, we also should support Unicode, but this sounds more
difficult, so let's begin by simple things.]

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