Uh, Gimp users/developers are so conservative ...

> I am not sure. Gimp is a drawing application and thus colors are important
> part of the work being done. I kinda like the fact that the icons in the
> gui are not colored. I dont know, what do others think?

It wasn't the lack of colors that made me propose this change. It was the 
fact that the anchor and the trashcan we currently use do not fit at all 
with the other icons. Same applies for the Zoom_In and Zoom_out icons used
in the Palette dialog. They do match however with the Gnome icons. 

So either we come up with a new set of icons, use the Gnome ones or we
change the trashcan, the anchor and the zoom icons to simpler ones that
match the rest.

> Most of the icons in Freehand and Photoshop are B/W too.. I dont know if
> it is good to mix color icons in _gimp_.. I know we have some in the prefs
> dialog which I checked in, but I am not sure if we want to have a
> color-iconified toolbar? Since that needs to be done too if we want to be
> consistent..

I don't think the toolbox icons would have to be colored too, even if we 
use colored icons in other dialogs.

Salut, Sven

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