On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Hi,
> Uh, Gimp users/developers are so conservative ...
> > I am not sure. Gimp is a drawing application and thus colors are important
> > part of the work being done. I kinda like the fact that the icons in the
> > gui are not colored. I dont know, what do others think?
> It wasn't the lack of colors that made me propose this change. It was the 
> fact that the anchor and the trashcan we currently use do not fit at all 
> with the other icons. Same applies for the Zoom_In and Zoom_out icons used
> in the Palette dialog. They do match however with the Gnome icons. 
> So either we come up with a new set of icons, use the Gnome ones or we
> change the trashcan, the anchor and the zoom icons to simpler ones that
> match the rest.

I kinda started reworking the icons and did the anchor and the trashcan,
maybe that is the reason they look like gnome icons :) My intention is to
re-work the dialog icons a bit too to make them more 3D looking, but I
personally prefer using a grayscale palette for that. I could work on the
arrow icons next in near future- I will also make the anchor smaller since
it is too big compared to the rest of the icons. 

> > Most of the icons in Freehand and Photoshop are B/W too.. I dont know if
> > it is good to mix color icons in _gimp_.. I know we have some in the prefs
> > dialog which I checked in, but I am not sure if we want to have a
> > color-iconified toolbar? Since that needs to be done too if we want to be
> > consistent..
> I don't think the toolbox icons would have to be colored too, even if we 
> use colored icons in other dialogs.



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