Robert L Krawitz wrote:
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> The other part of the problem is that an equal mix of CMY doesn't
> actually produce a neutral gray, particularly when the use of light
> inks is taken into account.  Right now I'm using a ratio of
> K = C + 9M/8 + 3Y/2
> to get a reasonable gray balance, and of course this will vary with
> different inks.

That's where my color correction stuff comes in; you can control this
fairly easily with a color transform matrix...

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> I've seen prints made with softweaving, and I think that the
> 30-minute print job produces better quality than any softweave I've
> seen thus far.  I'd like to offer it as an option for someone who

Even with the "real" EPSON drivers on the PC?  They use softweaving
exclusively for most of their printers now, and they do get "photo"
quality with it (as long as you don't have a clogged jet, that is ;)

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