This is the "Merci [EMAIL PROTECTED]" release...Regis was kind enough
to send me some extra print cartridges, for which I would like to
thank him publicly (in addition to the private thanks I have already
sent his way).

Anyway, contains a first
cut at a 1440x720 dpi mode.  This may not be the best way to thank
Regis, as the quality isn't all that impressive (the 720x720 dpi looks
better, IMHO).  However, other people's mileage may vary.

Some other changes:

* Explicit support for the original Stylus Photo (this is only needed
  because that printer *doesn't* support 1440x720).

* Comments in the code about what I did.

* Some dithering changes.  This may result in better or worse grays
  for some people.  I may need to put in an explicit gray-balance

The 1440 dpi code isn't amazingly pleasant...

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