Hello Gimpers

Some items that I think need a shape up before 1.2. I know code it or
move away, but I thought you might want to know anyway. 

The info window is very nice but it is not explored to it's fully
functionality. First of all it's not auto switched which IMHO is mandatory.

The measure tool and the status info (i.e the pos in the image currently
displayed in the status bar). Not that I'm not saying that it should be
present in a popup (measure) or in the status bar. I'm just saying that
the info should also be present in the info window.

The nav widow should be integrated into the info window or at least the
nav window should be auto switched (which IMHO is mandatory).

Gimp has number of mod keys when you make selections. This makes the
select commands very powerful but hard to control. In my opinion it's
better to have an option for pure circles and squares, instead of a
modkeys. There are simply to many funcs pressed in to mod key combinations
at the moment (i.e this is not intuitive). 

When you move a selection you get a floating section IMNSHO this is
_not_ good. It should be the selection it self you move, Alt + Move
(selection) creates a floating selection which you can also move. Why?
It's irritating to always get a float. We will enter the windows world
Win32 Gimp and it's more common to have the move tool to move the
selection it self.

I think the constant ratio is a bit confusing or at least I can't get it
to work in intersect and minus mode. I think it also would be very nice
to set only one way as fixed e.g only one pixel wide but unlimited range
in height. (I might miss some of the trillion short cut keys, but as I
said they are to many at the moment to hold in your (my) tiny head).

Cheers Olof   


Olof Kylander  Frozenriver Digital Design   http://www.frozenriver.nu

Consultant at Sigma nBiT

Technical writer and coauthor of GUM (the Gimp User Manual)

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