On Tue, Nov 02, 1999 at 05:50:53PM -0500, Bill Dolson wrote:
> Hi;
>       I have been developing commercial software for telecine color
> correction (film to tape transfer) using GTK on Linux for nearly a year
> now.  I have a requirement to offer filter plug-ins and wish to explore
> using the GIMP Plug-ins.  I did an exploratory post asking if anyone was
> aware of using GIMP plug-ins in non-GIMP apps last week but did not get
> a reply.  I have been working on this some more and wish to pursue this
> further.
>       As far as I can determine, for those Plug-ins which are GPLed there
> should be no problem with us distributing them so long as we comply with
> the license requirements.

My understanding of the GPL is that you would not be able to link GPLed GIMP
plug-ins with non-GPL software.

Anyway, if you're writing commercial software surely you should have the
resources to develop your own filter plug-ins. Someone developing a free
equivalent to your program would of course be able to use GIMP plug-ins. The
GPL is a nice way of balancing the financial resources of proprietary


PS: Have you checked the license on ImageMagick - it might do what you want.

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