On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> There certainly is the COPYING file and the files all refer to the library
> GPL, I think that is clear enough!
> Except... gimpenv.c...
> This is a serious problem. I'm not sure wether one can easily change
> the header in the file to refer to the LGPL, without asking all the
> contributors. Looking at the ChangeLog it's only three or four people who
> have ever changed that file, so this shouldn't be difficult.

Isn't creating a GPL'd file in an LGPL'd library against the LGPL in the
first place?  I don't see how you can put arbitrary licenses into a
project as a contributor and mix'n'match to your tastes...

In short: can't you just change this, as it is an error, and a violation
of the license in the first place, rather than asking each contributor to
agree to a license under which the original code was provided to them


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