On Wed, Nov 03, 1999 at 01:32:51AM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> And I enjoyed it very much ;->
Me, too.

> I can see what you mean now.
> > perl - its my graphiclanguage-to-perl-translator,
> Tell me more about this translator, please ;->
It's a graphics render language to process large amount of webgraphics.
The name is TIMPL. It provides features to easily create many buttons or
other graphics with complete colorcontrol and an arbitrary number of
layers. For example you could a mouseoverhighlight using an aditional two
commands per graphic.
There is currently only a windows 95 environment for this and I am
porting it to The Gimp.

The translator uses a YAPP-Parser to make a perlscript from the 
perl-enhanced-TIMPL. It also translates HTML perl-enhanced of course. It
is part of our WebManager product.

> > The bottom of ru should be on the same y-pos as the baseline of ─q.
> While I think it would be a nice option you didn┤t really convince me that
> this is the way to go.

> > BTW: Using the gimp-GUI does produce a different result.
> I get _exactly_ the same result under the gui!
> > textlayers have the same height now, though ru is still at the top.
> I get different sized layers.
Gimp 1.1.7
perl-gimp 1.097



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