On  9 Nov, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Daniel Eggert wrote:

 BTW: My name spelled E g g e r without any 't'

> Ok, here's my setup:
>  glib: uptodate from CVS (1.2 branch)
>  gtk+: uptodate from CVS (1.2 branch)
>  gimp: uptodate from CVS
>  glibc: libc-2.0.7  
> Well, my version is glibc is a bit outdated, but internationalisation
> has worked before with this version of the glibc. All I changed was
> Glib, Gtk+ and Gimp.

 Interesting. I'm using the same stuff but didn't experience any
 problems. Hm, did anything in gtk+ change in the last few days?



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