I'm new to the Gimp-Perl realm. I have set up a Gimp-Perl server running
on our Web server box so that I can throw Perl creation programs at The
Gimp. All my Perl programs are designed to create a file with the
results of the operation. I then pump this file back to the client's
browser with their finished product (e.g., a button with text on it).

During the testing of my programs I noticed that the Layers & Channels
palette had every image created still listed in the Image: pull-down
list. This got me to thinking, is this information being kept around
even though the image is long gone? If so, does that mean the Gimp-Perl
server's memory usage would grow in size?

After a little testing, using my button creator, I did notice that The
Gimp's memory usage did increase after each execution. I found during
testing that if I temporarily displayed the new image and then deleted
it that the Layers & Channels Image list did not retain the image
created. However, this did not stop the memory grabbing.

Any ideas or explanations would be appreciated.

Greg Walters
Harrison School Distrct

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