Sven Neumann wrote:
> >
> > After a little testing, using my button creator, I did notice that The
> > Gimp's memory usage did increase after each execution. I found during
> > testing that if I temporarily displayed the new image and then deleted
> > it that the Layers & Channels Image list did not retain the image
> > created. However, this did not stop the memory grabbing.
> I can't answer your main question, but I'd like to comment on the fact the
> L&C dialogs image preview shows all images regardless if they have a display
> or not. This can be quite useful for debugging sometimes, but I think this
> behaviour should be changed. Do you agree??

Yes, it was useful for debugging. I was able to see what the end result
was and where I might have problems (layer creation and merging, etc.).

Marc Lehmann wrote:
> How do you delete the image? I *know* that $image->delete sufficed to delete
> an image totally, but this was some months ago.

That is what I essentially did using the gimp_image_new() and
gimp_image_delete() subroutines.

> (ps: gimp-1.0 has various but rather small memory leaks so after millions
> of operations your perl-server and the gimp will grow by a few megabytes.
> This does not affect image deletion, however).

This must be what I am seeing (as we are running gimp-1.0.4). We may put
in a cron (weekly or so) to kill Gimp and the Perl server and then
restart them just to keep things under control.

Thanks for all your help.

Greg Walters
Harrison School District

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