> In case the "what is a freeze" debate is still unclear to some people,
> take Sven's 9 November changes:
> Most of his changes are bug fixes, such as the memleaks, while some are
> more borderline but the outstanding entry is Rene's fileops patch. It
> adds one more untested feature to Gimp. While he's at it Sven fixes some
> memleaks, but now the two changes are intertwined :(
> When someone finds a bug in Rene's code in a month's time, we must waste
> time to fix the bug, which need never have been added :(

The feature that was added here was iirc part of the list of features we want
to have for 1.2. I have tested this patch heavily and found and fixed some
problems that have been in fileops.c before applying the patch.

If I wasn't interested in getting 1.2 out as soon as possible, I wouldn't work
so hard for it. What bugs me is that only very few people actively help to get
this release out, while lots are complaining.

Ok, now back to some productive hacking...

Salut, Sven

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