Well, I just changed my scheduled talk at LinuxWorld from "Mastering Gimp"
to "Gimp Present and Future:  1.2 and Hollywood".  Those who were at ALS
saw that my Mastering Gimp talk didn't go so well.  I tried to make it too
formal, and then had hardware problems.  Bleck.  After watching Miguel de
Icaza's energetic talk, I decided to try and lighten my talk up and to show
some of that same energy about Gimp.  What could be better than to show all
the really cool things coming with 1.2?  And the timing should be about
right - LinuxWorld is in early February, so it potentially is only a month
or two away from the 1.2 release.  

So, if anyone has anything in particular they think would be really
important to mention, let me know.  I have to have my write up to them by
late December (I think - I have to double check that).   Keep in mind I try
to address things from the high end - very user oriented.  Also consider
that I only have an hour to cover it all - I didn't take that into
consideration when I wrote up my ALS talk, which just added to that little

Oh, and if anyone wants to try and help me figure out why my laptop
(IBM ThinkPad) wouldn't work with the external monitor, let me know.  I think 
it was because my X server wasn't configured to work with both internal and
external displays at the same time, but I'm not positive.

I've already talked to Yosh a little about whats happening in Hollywood
with Gimp (thanks Yosh, and I'll be getting back to you with more questions
later) and will be talking to Calvin Williamson later this month when he
gets a little more free time.  If anyone else has inside info on what
people in Hollywood are doing with Gimp, drop me a line.  It'll not only go
into the talk (assuming you *want* it to be known), but also in an article
I've been asked to write about Linux in Hollywood.

BTW, my sincerest thanks to Olaf, Karyn, Tuomas, Yosh, and Larry Ewing for 
managing to sit through my entire ALS talk, and for helping me answer some
audience questions! 

PS:  you should probably contact me directly, since this isn't specifically
development related - unless you think the list wants to hear all the
potentially boring details.  
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