> I hope Adam will forward the mail he sent me (it would be rude to pass it
> on without permission) and address the "tested this patch heavily" remark
If Adam thinks there are problems with the code, it would indeed be nice
if he could tell us about it. 

> Can I get agreement to revert features which aren't on the list? Or is
> gimp-devel still kidding itself that adding features doesn't push back
> the release date?

I really don't have to comment on that...

Salut, Sven

PS: People, if you want to get 1.2 out of the door, why doesn't someone
address the menu reorganization? Olof has made a nice proposal, it has 
been discussed in this place. So who is going to implement the changes? 
You can of course wait till someone else does so and continue wasting your 
time on this list...

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