Mon Nov 22 13:18:40 GMT 1999  Adam D. Moss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

        * app/channel_ops.c: Disabled the copy-on-write for gimage
        projection.  Duplicate op will now take as much time and
        memory as GIMP 1.0 in this respect.  That sucks, but I'm
        damned if I can follow the twisted paths which GIMP treads
        in making this bahave badly.  Can you?

This is bad, is there anyone on gimp-devel who understands the VM in
Gimp, or is this another area like the PDB which is unmaintained? I
have looked into both at different times, and I join Adam in being
unable to make any progress when following the code in my head.

48Mb of image data resolves into 90Mb of swap and soon swells to 116Mb,
while a fresh layer is 60+Mb, all is not well inside the VM code :(


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