> Is there a way to disable the libgimp signal handlers? (Yes, I could add
> a disgusting hack myself, but I don't want to). They do not serve any
> purpose that a coredump wouldn't as well (so I don't see the advantage).
> However:
> - it disturbs the stack backtrace
> - in 99% of the cases, they result in an endless loop, which requires me to
>   switch the terminal and kill it manually. This is my main concern.

Are you using a recent version of glib? If I remember correctly this behaviour
was fixed with 1.2.4.

> - it interacts badly with programs that want to set their own signal handlers
>   (e.g., perl). BTW: this is not my main concern.

I'd vote for making this a command-line option. BTW: we should add the gtk 
command-line options to the gimp --help output.

Salut, Sven

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