On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Garry R. Osgood wrote:

> Blue Lang wrote:
> > (is there a bug tracker on gimp.org anywheres?)
> Review current ones at:  http://bugs.gnome.org/db/pa/lgimp.html
> Enter new ones at  http://www.xach.com/gimp/news/bugreport.html

yikes.. can a link to this be set up from the www.gimp.org page? I don't
use gnome for anything in particular.. 

> I've heard of this happening, but can't reproduce as of yet:

tig also chimed in with:

I have similar trouble selecting layers from the Layers dialog - the layer
_seems_ to get selected but it doesnt really get active (filters effect
wrong layer and you can accidentally delete wrong layers etc..) However
you press PageUp or PageDown (or select layers from the Layers menu for
matter I guess) it works right. So there is something wrong with the layer
list widget and the signals or something?

This is also happening to me, although I had not figured out that you can
correct it by flipping thru the layers.

> > "Paste Into", the pasting operation by that name?)
> Gets anchored at this point, right?

Yes, it gets anchored to the new layer.

> Were you clicking in or around the vicinity of the eye icon? I have
> an (unsubstantiated) hunch that this has something to do with
> (unintended)
> interaction with that puppy.

No, I don't believe so. I usually highlight layers by clicking right in
the middle of the layer name. I did it four or fives times, to make sure
it wasn't the crack in my wheaties, and then did it on a fresh image. 

> By the way, you are fresh out of cookies ;)

Hahaha, my .sig is intentional - it's a joke. ;)

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