Martin Weber writes:
 > Here is an interesting colormanagement for future GIMP releases:

Yes, that seems very interesting. But it says: "lcms only works under
windows/Intel platforms". The READ.ME says: "lcms has been written for
Borland C++ 4.5 [...] Visual C++ will NOT compile since some parts are
written in assembler. Anyway, the code is ANSI C except such routines,
so porting to another compiler would be straightforward."

The portability problems are probably not large, I guess a few hours
of hacking could make the library portable to any generic
GLib-supported platform. Except for the assembler snippets, but
somebody with i86 assembler knowledge probably could translate them to
C pretty easily.

Another thing is the licensing. The webpage says: "lcms is free and
source code is also provided, with only one limitation: you can do
whatsever you want with the code, except to sell it." However, it also
says: "I have now released lcms under GNU Lesser license agreement"
(and the actual source files also refer to the LGPL), which seeems a
bit confusing.


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