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> written in assembler. Anyway, the code is ANSI C except such routines,

So much for ANSI-C:

../include/lcms.h:38: windows.h: No such file or directory

WORD GammaTable[1];
cmsHPROFILE   LCMSEXPORT cmsOpenProfileFromMem(LPVOID MemPtr, DWORD dwSize);

> The portability problems are probably not large, I guess a few hours
> of hacking could make the library portable to any generic

This might still be true, but I doubt the result is worth it. The source
really shows that the compiler used to develop is only slightly influenced by
the c standard (double definitions, indented preprocessor constructs, nice
calls to the ansi function "MessageBox" etc..)

In any case, if anybody wants to get what I hacked so far (still does not

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