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> I'm not happy to hear about (B). I have already translated hundreds
> and hundreds of such string and I don't:

The question is, where is it trnaslated? You can't translate it in
plug-ins, you need to trnaslate it in the programs displaying the strings,
e.g. the DB Browser, the PDB Explorer or other tools.

> -- want to trash my work

Hmm...  I don't think we can make good use of it in 1.2. Maybe it would
be best to preserve them for 1.3, when new ideas have a chance to get

> -- The reading is very interesting (and sometimes only reasonable explanation,
>    what plug-in does), that there is good reason to have it
>    translated.

I think so. But the technical problems are too large _now_.

> I have one idea: make another po (or other) file and move traslations there.
> But it requires extra code for switching between two catalogs.
> Translators will first translate gimp-std-plugins and then, when
> they have enough effort, can translate gimp-pdb.


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