I'm Marti Maria, lcms author. I am glad my package is worth of your attention, so
I would like to clarify some points.

The library is under GNU Lesser license agreement, and it will remain under LGPL. 
There are some sentences in the web page about you can do whatsever you want, 
well these was from first release, when no license was required at all. I will remove
those sentences when next revision, in a couple of days.

I did choose LGPL, because it permits to incorporate the code in commercial projects,
then, I guess, you can also incorporate it in any free project like GIMP if you like.

About porting the engine, well, the code has conditional #defines for using assembler,
fixed-point, or a more generic floating point implementations of key routines. 
Only a few functions like fixed to float and fixed mult/div must be provided. 
The fixed-point C-only version delivers 80% of asm speed, even more if the compiler 
is smart enough to optimize properly.

Since a lot of people is interested in the engine, I have little time for now in 
to ANSI-C (wich code is definitively NOT) I belive an experienced programmer would 
finish the port in a couple of days, and I signup if my modest help is required, 

So, any volunteers?

Marti Maria

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