> Ok. I've just enabled automatic mirroring from the sourceforge cvs back
> to the gimp cvs.
> The file gimp/PLUGIN_CVS in the cvs tree controls which paths are mirrored
> and which are not. If anything goes havoc just delete that file and the
> script will stop doing anything.
> At the moment, only
>    ChangeLog.plugins
>    plug-ins/maze/*
> is being written back. This (unfortunately!!) means that changes done to
> these files in the gimp cvs will get overwritten. I've not found a better
> way to synchronize two cvs trees better (maybe CVSup would help, but...)


Sorry, the idea of developing plug-ins outside the gimp tree is probably 
a good one. But it is absolutely impossible to do that now. We are
approaching a release and we need control over the plug-ins that are going
to be distributed with gimp-1.2.

I liked the whole idea, but I wasn't aware that are you planning to do that
before 1.2. If this is absolutely necessary, we might consider branching the
plug-ins. But doing so will certainly lead to more problems than it solves.

So, if Kevin thinks that Maze has to be worked on before 1.2 is out, he may
either send patches or ask for the maze plug-in being removed from the

Salut, Sven

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