On 25 Feb, Sven Neumann wrote:

> Which is exactly what I proposed at the end of my last mail. Despite
> that I proposed to build up the menu-structure (actually only the
> strings) in a hash-table before actually creating it.

 For a new translation function I guess?

> Would be much
> faster then going through gtk+ for each and every menu just to know
> if there's already a matching menu.

 It shouldn't be that complicated, but that depends on the internal
 representation of menus which I didn't look at.

> We'd end up with a hash containing
> all possible menu-strings with their translations as key-value pairs
> and would use that table later instead of calling gettext again.

 Uhm, no, that's not what I had in mind.

> This could be hacked in about 20 lines of code using a GHashTable, but
> I still consider this unnecessary bloat...

 Look at the code we already have to add the tearoff menus. A similar
 thing could be used to create the branches itself. 

 I'm leaving home in a few minutes and after spending a whole night 
 on other problems I'm very glad to have a look such an improvement.

 Don't expect a solution before 17:00 CET...



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