>  Look at the code we already have to add the tearoff menus. A similar
>  thing could be used to create the branches itself. 

Don't waste your time at that. I already did that and I tried to explain 
you why there is no way to hook into that place since GTK+ creates the
submenu on the fly. At the time we create the tearoff menu, the submenu
is already created. But when the submenu is created, the menu_translate 
function does not know the complete path and therefore can't lookup a
matching translation. 

Unless I have overseen something obvious, the only way to go is to analyze 
the menu strings on our own before we actually build the menus using gtk+.
The more I think about it, the more I feel it might be worth to try the
implementation I've proposed. Eventually this weekend...

BTW, is there a function to unbind from a textdomain? There's actually no 
need to hold the plugins translation tables in memory after the menus are
created and we only need such a small portion of it. Or are the message 
catalogs properly shared if multiple apps use the same catalog?

Salut, Sven 

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