On Mon, Feb 21, 2000 at 01:37:39PM +0100, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> I have a question: what standard do the po-filenames follow? In the
> current gimp, we have a en_GB translation, however, GB is not a toplevel
> domain, but the iso-3166 code for the UK.
> On the other hand, we also have uk (which is a toplevel domain, but not
> for ukraine), however, the iso-3166 code for ukraine is ua.
> So something seems wrong here. I *think* the easiest thing would be to
> standardize on iso-3166 and rename uk.po to ua.po.

>From the gettext info pages:

       Each team has its own mailing list, courtesy of Linux International.
    You may reach your translating team at the address `[EMAIL PROTECTED]',
    replacing LL by the two-letter ISO 639 code for your language.
    Language codes are *not* the same as country codes given in ISO 3166.

... which Nick also reaffirmed. For future reference:


If you wanted to specialize by country, it would be uk_UA.po.


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