On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 05:26:41PM +0000, Ar't wrote:
> 5
> When I click the arrows in image space (navigator or so) I get: 
> initial_sub_region:: error :: src->w * (src->bytes + 1) > 512

Huh? Could you please try to explain that in more words? 
Eventually I might get what you are talking about then.

> 6
> Ununified Gimp interface
>     tools 
>     filters

More details? There's a clear distinction between tools and

> 6a
> What resolution is Gimp written for ??
> As I presume many people start with 640x480 and is happy with
> 800x600(15") not 2millions x million ;-)

We try to make the dialogs as compact as possible. A lot depends
on the font size you use however. For small displays, I 
recommened not to change the gtk+ default size (or even choose
a smaller one). Of course it's not always easy to keep the
dialogs small enough for all screen resolutions. If you think
a dialog is excessively large, please write a bug-report (and
please be a little more verbose than you did here). 

> 7
> Lack of localization for scheme scripts

We are working on this. In fact, the menu paths already are 
internationalized and the rest of the GUI is prepared for
i18n too. All we need is a parser that extracts the translatable
strings out of the script-fu-register calls in the scripts. The
rest of the infrastructure is already present.

> 8
> I don't think you can remove tips (many applications under windblows:)
> have help and tips and that does not seem to be a problem

Huh? You can disable tooltips in the Preferences!?

> 9
> Why colour brushes can be animated and grayscale can not ?
> (Telling me to stop using the colours is not the answer:).

This is definitely a design mistake in the animated brushes. We will
however not change this before 1.2.

Salut, Sven

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