* Ar't ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000327 18:13]:
>     prep4gif

Hadn't heard of this one.  Will investigate.

>     burst                     init_progress

What is the supposed to mean?  Burst does indeed work.  I've used it
quite a bit recently.  If you're having a problem, I'm gonna need a bit 
more than this to figure it out...

>     blowinout                 now, what does this one do, really ?

It creates a rather unique fade effect by "blowing" an image out of the 
picture, or blowing it in.  The Help button might have given you some 
insight there.  Its default parameters don't really do it any justice
however, and it seems somewhat out of place on the animation menu (even
though it creates an animation, everything else there consists of
general animation operations.)

> these are not getting copied to $gimp_dir
>     billboard
>     feedback

billboard is broken.  I don't anticipate fixing it.  It should be

Feedback is one of those ones that I felt too useless to install, so
I asked Marc not to install it.  We should remove it from the distro
before 1.2 to avoid confusion.

> 3 
> Is "2x2 Blur"(perl) and "Blur"(C) not the same, if so then why double
> the same plugin (and keep your hands away from the C version)

No, they're not.  If you'd look at the source, the PDB blurb, or the
rather longish thread on gimp-devel in the past on this, you'd see that
the plug-in-blur is 3x3, where the perl-fu-blur is 2x2.  BTW, if I find a
bug in the C version, I'll fix it thank you.

> 5
> When I click the arrows in image space (navigator or so) I get: 
> initial_sub_region:: error :: src->w * (src->bytes + 1) > 512

Can you fill out a more complete bug report on this one, as a separate
document?  I see where in the code that is occurring, but have no idea
what you might be doing to get it.  Also, do you suffer any other
effects as a result of this?  Perhaps a message saying something about
tiles when you exit?  What version of gimp?  Please use the form found 


<ommitting ground covered by others>

Thanks for the report!

Seth Burgess

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