>  I was thinking of a Gimp extension "gimp-server" or something which would
>  open a Unix pipe
>  ${gimp_dir}/tmp/gimp_remote.<gimp_pid>
>  with the permissions of the current user (or configurable) and
>  a "gimp-remote" standalone program.
>  The pipe protocol could be as trivial as sending a plaintext string like
>  gimp_file_open "~/foo.xcf"\n
>  over the pipe.
>  Now please say "cool idea" or bring a better one :-) I have no clue
>  if this is really the clever way to do it.


This should really use a CORBA interface and register some sort of
singleton factory object for images or other GIMP services.

(Look at how singleton applications work in GNOME; the Midnight
Commander or the Panel are good examples).


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