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> > As I said, the only effect is a similar(!) file size, and that every save
> > would cause about the same amount of quality loss.
> Yes, similar file size and similar(?) quality is the goal of saving
> jpeg in the same quality every time.

The fatal problem is that similar quality will not be achieved that way.

> If GIMP cannot guess some plugin-specific value (e. g. quality for jpeg) from
> loaded data, let it opens "xxx save options" dialog, even if it is invocated as
> "Save". It's good and clear solution.

Thats the only sensible thing. Another sensible thing would be to seperate
the save dialog from from actual saving process. For some image formats, the
only way to change parameters is to use Save As, and until reently you even
had to type in the image filename again.

For other image formats, you always get the file save dialog, even when
you just want to save the image. Guess why the xcf format does not have a
dialog at all ;)

[saving an app chunk]

That would be a reasonable solution. Make it default to off, of course ;)

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