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> > even more useful: Not much added strain on the programmer, not much
> > strain on translators (we need one more translator for the en
> > mapping).
>  Please note that adding "tags" to the messages will mean that GIMP

Writing a gettext wrapper to get rid of that problem should be more than
trivial ;)

OTOH, I have just written a complete gettext replacement in perl using
GDBM_File, which is actually faster than gettext itself (the .mo files are a
bit larger as well, though), that supports language tagging, so I'd say (for
1.3) it shouldn't be difficult to come up with something better than gettext.

(Actually, I checked out the sdbm engine (a free ndbm clone), and it
consistently created smaller hash files than gettext, while still being
almost twice as fast in lookups. If it wouldn't limit the size of
translations I would have used it at once).

>  isn't usable any more without catalogs which is not very sensible 
>  IMHO. I'd rather refine the messages to have more variance in the
>  texts... 

For 1.2 this might be our only solution. In the long term, I think to the
contrary that crippling the english messages is not sensible :)

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