On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 12:18:53AM +0200, Mattias Engdegård wrote:
> Perhaps some of the file plug-ins are buggy. I get the complaint:
> ERROR: Procedural database execution failed on invalid input arguments:
>     (gimp_file_save 1 0 4 "zoop.xpm" "zoop.xpm")
> and nothing was saved. (Running in interactive mode works.)

Ah, perhaps you are working with INDEXED images?

The Gimp UI contains a lot of helper stuff so that interactive users
don't have to understand much of anything about image file formats.

That means you can load a GIF and save it as JPEG, and a dialog asks
if you want to do the appropriate conversions, you say "Yes", and it
all just works. This Export magic is new in 1.1.x

> TGA and XCF works. PNG tells me "can't save image with alpha". Weird.

TGA and XCF both have INDEXED modes, so you can save TGA or XCF from
an INDEXED image, you *should* be able to save INDEXED PNGs with an
alpha channel, but I only recently checked in the functionality to
do that, and doubtless you have an older version of Gimp.

XPM doesn't have an INDEXED mode at all -- how then should Gimp save
your XPM? Since you're a developer, not just a humble end user, it
is expected that you'll take care of that sort of thing yourself.

I hope this doesn't make things too difficult for you (back on the
original track, yes, eventually Gimp could offer Save Layer As...
but that's a feature so it will not be going into 1.2.0 now)


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