On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 03:40:49AM +0200, Mattias Engdegård wrote:
> I won't fix that right away (maybe later, if I have time).

No need, like I said, I only recently checked in the change -- days ago
in fact, after 1.1.19 was released. Just wait for 1.1.20, or get
the current CVS Gimp, or if you really need INDEXED+A PNG right away,
contact me and I can mail it to you.

> Sorry, I didn't mean to whine (I was determined to fix it myself but all
> sorts of things cropped up). XPM is by definition an indexed image format,
> though it allows for colormaps large enough for saving RGB images.

Doh, I was thinking from the POV of the Gimp loader (it's always loaded
as RGB regardless of how it was saved), not from the POV of the Save

>    "saves files in the xpm file format (if you're on a 16 bit display...)",
> However, a cursory glance revealed nothing supporting this warning. Perhaps
> it was true in an earlier revision? Then we should change it.

Some Gimp plug-ins are derived from various unrelated sources, like the
netpbm filters, scraggy bits of code hanging around in CS dumpsters and
the like. This probably puts them on shaky legal ground and definitely
means they have some weird comments in. XPM could well be one of them.


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