> I propose that we make a few changes to the default gimprc (either the
> system-wide or user one, whichever the options fit best).

The changes should be done in app/gimprc.c. The systemwide gimprc should
be changed too to reflect those changes. 

> The main thing is that session management should be turned ON.

OK, I second that.

> and there should be a default session w/ the toolbox, layers, option, 
> and brushes dialogs.

We will have to hardcode this into the session managment as there is no
sessionrc distributed with the gimp. I'll add some code that opens those
dialogs if no sessionrc is found. Hmmm, I vaguely remember that exactly 
this has already been done, but appearantly it does not work.

> Some other, nice (imo), proposed changes to gimprc:
> ---------------------
> (global-paint-options no)


> (info-window-follows-mouse yes)

Why not.

> (undo-levels 15)

The current number of undo-levels is fine, IMHO. At least the 15 you proposed 
are a bit too large. Might go well for web-designers (small images) with a 
large tile-cache, but...

Let's see what other people have to say on this subject before we change a

Salut, Sven

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